Gray Line Alaska Sightseeing and Rail Tours
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Anchorage Tours
tour name
Anchorage City Highlights & Native Cultures (AHN) Explore the historic points of interest in downtown Anchorage and visit the Alaska Native Heritage Center to get a glimpse of Alaska native culture firsthand.

$55.95 Approximately 3½ hours
Anchorage Flightseeing Safari Experience a true Alaskan mode of transportation and view Anchorage and its surrounding wilderness to remote, secluded valleys over Turnagain Arm.

$115.95 Approximately 1½ hours
Anchorage Trolley Hop on the trolley for a historic and scenic tour of Anchorage and learn about riveting moments of Anchorage’s past and present day living.

$20.95 Approximately 1 hour
Explore Anchorage City Tour & Dining (Lunch) (ACT) Take a historical journey of Anchorage and visit Anchorage Museum at Rasmuson Center to see Alaska's finest presentations of Alaska history and ethnology in the state.

$69.95 Approximately 5 hours
Kenai Fjords Adventure (AFA) Enjoy a memorable stay on the Kenai Peninsula and trip into Kenai Fjords National Park.

$599.95 3 Days / 2 Nights
Kenai Fjords Excursion (AFE) Travel to Kenai Fjords National Park to a majestic tidewater glacier on Alaska’s most popular wildlife and glacier cruise to witness one of the most active tidewater glaciers in the park.

$339.95 Approximately 16 hours
Portage Glacier Cruise & Tour Experience Portage Glacier in style aboard a deluxe Gray Line motor coach.

$39.00 1 - 5.5 Hours
Prince William Sound 26 Glacier Cruise (APW) Hop aboard a high-speed catamaran and travel 140 miles into Prince William Sound to see 26 ‘’named’’ glaciers and come face-to-face with several types of glaciers and experience the glacier calvings during the cruise.

$235.95 Approximately 10 hours
Prince William Sound Glacier Flightseeing Take off on a float plane from Lake Hood in Anchorage and soar over the Chugach Mountains on the way to Prince William Sound—a magnificent region with fjords and inlets, dozens of tidewater glaciers and rugged mountain peaks.

$384.95 Approximately 3½ hours
Spencer Glacier Rail & Trail Leave Anchorage by train and head down along the shore of Turnagain Arm to Spencer Glacier for a narrated two-mile hike on a trail that leads you to Spencer Lake for spectacular glacier viewing.

$125.95 Approximately 10 hours
Spencer Glacier Sightseeing & Float Trip Take a scenic train ride along the shoreline of Turnagain Arm to Spencer Lake for an exciting float trip. Float among the icebergs and end the tour with a gentle float down the Placer River.

$265.95 Approximately 10 hours
Fairbanks Tours
tour name
Alaska Salmon Bake & Palace Theatre Revue Head to the Alaska Salmon Bake at Pioneer Park where you’ll enjoy an All-you-can-eat buffet while surrounded by Alaskan history. After your meal, catch the musical comedy, "Golden Heart Revue,” at the Palace Theatre.

$74.95 Approximately 2½ hours
Alaskan Hummer & Sled Dog Experience Depart from the ordinary and take an excursion that’s extraordinary on the only off-road, open-air, chauffeur-driven, military issued Hummer tour!

$99.95 Approximately 3½ Hours
Arctic Circle Air Adventure Don’t miss this opportunity to cross the Arctic Circle! Experience the rugged and magnificent Brooks Mountain Range. You'll receive an official Arctic Circle Adventure Certificate.

$459.95 Approximately 6½ hours
Chena Hot Springs & Ice Museum Experience the "hottest" and "coolest" attractions in Alaska - a natural hot springs, ice museum and great dinner!

$249.95 Approximately 6 hours
Fairbanks Highlight Adventure Take this exciting adventure and visit Fairbanks' top attractions! Visit the The Morris Thompson Cultural Center, UA Museum of the North and stop at The Santa Claus House in North Pole.

$129.95 Approximately 4 hours
Gold Dredge 8 Take a seat aboard the narrow-gauge Tanana Valley Railroad and hear the conductor tell tales of prospectors who arrived by the thousands during the gold rush. Explore a dredge camp and try gold panning!

$55.95 Approximately 3½ - 4 hours
Journey Above the Arctic Circle, Fort Yukon & the Yukon River Take a once-in-a-lifetime flight over the Yukon Flats National Wildlife Refuge, the Yukon River and the Arctic Circle. Meet an Athabascan native guide and hear about their contemporary way of Alaska style living.

$459.95 Approximately 4¾ hours
Midnight Sun Dinner & River Raft Float Trip Enjoy dinner at a log cabin restaurant followed by a gentle river raft float trip on the picturesque Chena River under the “Midnight Sun” on this memorable tour.

$199.95 Approximately 5 hours
Riverboat Discovery Cruise Enjoy a cruise on the Chena and Tanana rivers aboard an authentic sternwheeler and watch a bush pilot take off and land from a riverbank landing strip. You'll stop by the home of a late four time Iditarod champion and tour a replica of an Athabascan Indian Village.

$79.95 Approximately 5 - 5¼ hours
Sternwheeler Cruise & Discover the Gold (FGR) This is the ultimate Fairbanks combination tour! Journey back in time aboard the sternwheeler Riverboat Discovery for a cruise along the Chena and Tanana rivers followed by a fun-filled adventure aboard the Tanana Valley Railroad as you ride into gold mining history. Explore a dredge camp and try gold panning yourself—you'll find gold, we guarantee it!

$130.95 Approximately 8¼ hours
Denali Tours
tour name
Windows into the Wilderness Travel on the park road to Mountain Vista Trailhead and join in on a guided walk to learn about the sub-arctic ecosystem and the ways Athabascans live off the land.

$139.95 Approximately 6 hours
Music of Denali (at the McKinley Theatre) Delight in a wonderful, feel-good musical comedy that hilariously depicts the legend of the first men to reach the summit of Denali, North America’s highest peak. Savor a delicious, family style dinner with Alaskan salmon, smokehouse BBQ, mashed potatoes and apple crisp while enjoying live musical performances before the show at this rollicking roadhouse.

$69.95 Approximately 2 hours
Arctic Circle Air Adventure Don’t miss this opportunity to cross the Arctic Circle! Experience the rugged and magnificent Brooks Mountain Range. You'll receive an official Arctic Circle Adventure Certificate.

$469.95 Approximately 6 hours
Black Diamond ATV Adventure Awaken your wild side on this exciting ATV tour that puts you in the driver’s seat to zip through gorgeous Alaskan backcountry through rustic trails.

$119.95 Approximately 3 hours
Black Diamond ATV Adventure & Backcountry Dining Awaken your wild side on this exciting ATV tour that puts you in the driver’s seat to zip through gorgeous Alaskan backcountry through rustic trails.

$134.95 Approximately 3½ hours
Black Diamond ATV Treasure Hunt & Dining Take an exciting trip into the backcountry of Alaska on a fantastic covered Polaris® ATV to search for hidden views, secret sights, quarts and granite rocks, coal, and much more!

$159.95 Approximately 4 hours
Black Diamond Side by Side ATV Adventure Let’s ride Alaska style! Hop on an ATV Side-by-Side machine and strap in for this exciting backcountry adventure through valleys and streams, up foothills and on tundra that offers breathtaking mountain scenery.

$139.95 Approximately 3½ hours
Covered Wagon Adventure with Backcountry Dining Travel back in time during this splendid journey across Alaskan tundra on a horse-drawn covered wagon reminiscent of those used by pioneers while you explore the great Alaskan wilderness.

$89.95 Approximately 3 hours
Denali ATV Stampede Ridge Adventure Get out and ride ATVs in the Alaskan bush! Spend time on trails in the Denali wilderness as you navigate tree rutted trails, mountain-fed creek beds, and boggy tundra.

$149.95 Approximately 4 hours
Denali Excursion by Helicopter Buckle up for a breathtaking, bird’s-eye view of Denali National Park as you travel along the Alaska Range through the eastern portion of Denali National Park.

$369.95 Approximately 1½ hours
Denali Fly Fishing for Arctic Grayling (Half Day) This extraordinary half-day fly-fishing expedition takes you to the area's streams where you will learn the basics of fly-casting while enjoying this tranquil place and the magnificent wilderness views surrounding it.

$179.95 Approximately 4½ hours
Denali Natural History Tour Experience the rich diversity of Denali National Park from stunning scenery and abundant wildlife to historical sites and interpretive centers on this popular Natural History Tour.

$99.00 Approximately 5 hours
Denali Fly Fishing for Arctic Grayling (Full Day) This extraordinary full-day fly-fishing expedition takes you to the area's streams where you will learn the basics of fly-casting while enjoying this tranquil place and the magnificent wilderness views surrounding it.

$329.95 Approximately 10½ hours
Denali Glacier Landing by Helicopter This adventure is filled with thrilling sights as you glide over wild, untamed rivers and climb through huge U-shaped valleys to trace the spine of the Alaska Range. Step on the glacier and explore dramatic icefalls, crystalline moraines, mystifying ice bridges and icy-blue glacial pools.

$509.95 Approximately 2¼ hours
Denali Glass Class Learn how to make an etched, dichroic, fused glass pendant or keychain from a local glass artist. You’ll create two pieces—one for yourself and one for a friend!

$94.95 Approximately 1 hour
Denali Heli-Hiking by Helicopter Want to experience Alaska? This tour offers the opportunity to explore magnificent backcountry with an unforgettable guided hike overlooking the valley's of the Alaska Range.

$545.95 Approximately 5 hours
Denali Highway Jeep Excursion Don't miss the Denali Highway! Step into a Jeep Wrangler® that hugs the dirt road and explore the scenic beauty and wildlife that the Denali area offers.

$169.95 Approximately 5 hours
Denali Jeep Backcountry Safari Rev up for a wild ride on this exciting backcountry Jeep® excursion along Stampede Road—a historic trail carved out of the wilderness by miners from the Kantishna gold fields.

$174.95 Approximately 3½ Hours
Denali Pack Rafting Hit the river for a fun-filled day for an opportunity to have intimate contact with the backcountry of Alaska and learn more about this subarctic landscape by pack rafting.

$379.95 Approximately 8 hours
Denali Wilderness Hiking Tour Climb into the alpine and explore the glacier topology in depth. See the forested area near the Nenana river, the brushy but wildlife rich sub-alpine tundra, the gorgeous views and highly adapted vegetation of the alpine tundra in the mountains bordering Denali National Park.

$165.95 Approximately 4¾ hours
Denali Wilderness Jet Boat Safari Board a jet boat for an exciting, fun-filled ride along the Nenana River and visit a remote wilderness camp and learn how Alaskans make their living and raise their families in the wilderness near Denali.

$125.95 Approxiamtely 3 hours
Husky Homestead Tour Experience the call of the wild during this incredible visit to a renowned Husky Homestead run by Iditarod Champion, Jeff King, and his amazingly cuddly pups and learn what goes into creating a winning team.

$59.95 Approximately 2½ hours
McKinley Glacier Landing by Airplane Soar over mountains, glaciers and eye-popping scenery than you could ever imagine and get up-close and personal with Mt. McKinley with a chance to stand on its flanks!

$524.95 Approximately 2½ hours
McKinley Peak Flightseeing Adventure From take off to landing, this thrilling flight will have you on the edge of your seat as you view snow-covered peaks, glacially carved valleys and colorful ridge-lines right outside your window.

$409.95 Approximately 2½ hours
Tundra Wilderness Tour This is a comprehensive experience that travels deep into Denali National Park. This fully narrated tour provides in-depth information about the history of the park and provides plentiful wildlife viewing and photography opportunities.

$159.00 Approximately 8 hours
Photography Workshop The Alaska Range provides some of the most spectacular and inspiring scenery on earth. Enjoy the luxury of being able to locate, stop, compose and capture your photo at a pace that is comfortable for you with a professional photo guide.

$189.95 Approximately 3 hours
River Rafting - Canyon Run You’ll get splashed and enjoy every minute of this 11-mile Class III-IV whitewater adventure on the Nenana River. Take in the stunning scenery as you pass through rapids.

$109.95 Approximately 4 hours
River Rafting - Paddle Run If you’re physically fit and ready for some moderate exercise—then this adventure is for you! Grab a paddle and ‘dig in’ for an exhilarating ride down the Class III-IV Nenana River Canyon.

$109.95 Approximately 4 hours
River Rafting - Wilderness Run Take time to enjoy the scenery on this mild whitewater excursion along 13 miles of the Class I-II upper Nenana River. Sit and enjoy this excursion and float through a meandering glacial valley.

$109.95 Approximately 4 hours
Rock Creek Trail - Interpretive Hike Take the opportunity to get inside Denali National Park for a refreshing hike through the forest. Visit the Denali National Park Visitor Center to learn about the park and wildlife that call this area home.

$99.95 Approximately 3½ hours
Stampede Wilderness ATV Adventure Experience the Denali tundra by ATV and explore the Stampede Road corridor west of Healy at Eight Mile Lake. Bounce along the trail up & down as you navigate mogul-like features along the trail.

$154.95 Approximately 4 hours
Steps Through Time - Interpretive Hike Experience the concept of wilderness by stepping away from the developed area and immersing yourself in the tranquility of a hike through the forest.

$99.95 Approximately 3½ hours
Summit McKinley Flight Fly completely around Mt. McKinley and continue right up over the top of its towering summit for a one-of-a-kind Alaska experience. This is the ultimate flightseeing tour of Mt McKinley!

$419.95 Approximately 3½ hours
Triple Lakes Trail - Interpretive Hike Take a gradual hill climb to Triple Lakes trail inside Denali National Park that offers you one of the best opportunities for a serene immersion into the boreal forest of Interior Alaska.

$99.95 Approximately 3½ hours
Tundra Mountain Golfing Hit the greens during this spirited expedition to Black Diamond Golf Course. Constructed directly on top of Alaskan tundra, this one-of-a-kind lakeside course offers golfers a truly memorable experience.

$89.95 Approximately 3 hours
Tundra Mountain Golf & Backcountry Dining Hit the greens during this spirited expedition to Black Diamond Golf Course. Constructed directly on top of Alaskan tundra, this one-of-a-kind lakeside course offers golfers a truly memorable experience.

$99.95 Approximately 3½ hours
Wilderness Living Adventure & Dog Cart Ride Embark on a fun-filled adventure at a riverside camp in Denali National Park and learn what life is like in this "Far North" wilderness from the people that call this land of extremes home. Enjoy a dog cart ride driven by an award-winning race dog.

$99.95 Approximately 3 hours
McKinley/Talkeetna Tours
tour name
Alaska Sportfishing Experience Alaska sportfishing at its finest aboard a specialized jet boat or raft for a tranquil day of fishing amid some of the most beautiful scenery in the world.

$239.95 Approximately 5 hours
Black Bear ATV Adventure Hop aboard your very own automatic ATV for an exhilarating expedition into the natural wonders of Alaska and learn about the wildlife and vegetation that dwell in the wilderness.

$189.95 Approximately 3 hours
Byers Lake Nature Walk Take an easy stroll around the pristine and tranquil Byers Lake in Denali State Park tucked between the Talkeetna Mountains and the Alaska Range.

$69.95 Approximately 3 hours
Byers Lake Paddle Trip Come see the beauty of Byers Lake as you glide through tranquil waters on a sit-on-top kayak and paddle over pools of spawning salmon and take in breathtaking views of Denali and the Alaska Mountain Range.

$95.95 Approximately 3 hours
Chulitna River Rafting Eco-tourism at its finest! Enjoy an eco-friendly way to get to Talkeetna to enjoy shopping, eating, and the local sights. Float through the stunning Chulitna Canyon downstream to the historic town of Talkeetna.

$139.95 Approximately 4 hours
Denali Wilderness Hike Explore Alaska's spectacular wilderness on an exhilarating trek through challenging terrain on park trails and lush vegetation along forested trails for panoramic views of Alaska Range peaks and glaciers.

$99.95 Approximately 6 hours
Devil's Canyon Adventure Embark on an adventure that offers the unimaginable beauty of Alaska’s remote wilderness by jet boat and travel up the Susitna River to National Wild River Park of Devil’s Gorge in Class V whitewater.

$179.95 Approximately 5 hours
Glacier Landing Explorer Do something extraordinary! Land on a glacier in Denali National Park beneath Mt. McKinley on Ruth Glacier and leave your footprints in the snow.

$389.95 Approximately 1¾ hours
Horse Drawn Wagon Ride Discover Alaska the way pioneers and gold prospectors did back in the days—by a horse-drawn covered wagon! Climb onboard and meet the beautiful teams of horses that will take you on a pleasant, unhurried journey in the wilderness.

$79.95 Approximately 2 hours
McKinley Discovery Tour Enter a world of rugged high mountain peaks, wide glacier filled valleys, winding glacial rivers, deep crevices and azure melt pools as your pilot takes you within six miles of McKinley's summit.

$299.95 Approximately 1¼ hours
McKinley Wilderness Trail Ride Saddle up for an adventure through the Alaskan wilderness! Meet your horse wranglers and friendly, well-trained horses for a ride out to some of the world's most breathtaking scenery.

$119.95 Approximately 2 hours
Summit McKinley Flight Explore the granite walls and winding glaciers in Denali National Park and climb 20,000 feet aboard a multi-engine aircraft to witness the highest peak in North America.

$364.95 Approximately 1½ hours
Sun Dog Kennels Visit the home of world champion sprint musher Kathleen Holden, Iditarod musher Jerry Sousa and their dogs and go for a dog sled ride through local trails and beautiful and peaceful scenery.

$115.95 Approximately 1½ hours
South Denali Experience Explore Mt. McKinley’s quiet side on this relaxing scenic tour of Denali State Park. Visit the Alaska Nature Guides River House for an ancient fire demonstration and sample some wild Alaska delicacies as you relax in a cozy den.

$69.95 Approximately 2½ hours
Talkeetna River Float Trip Enjoy an eco-friendly scenic float trip down the Talkeetna River. Your expert guide will take care of the rowing so all you have to do is relax and enjoy the ride!

$85.95 Approximately 2 hours
Talkeetna Zip Line Adventure Take an exciting ziplining adventure and experience the panoramic views of the Alaska Range as you zip down from tree-top platforms.

$159.95 Approximately 3 hours
Trapper Creek Homestead Tour If you’ve ever wanted to meet a modern day pioneer, now’s your chance! Visit the Porterfield family and their homestead and learn how their frontier spirit is alive and well.

$79.95 Approximately 3 hours
Three Rivers Tour Board a fully-enclosed jet boat for an awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping 60-mile river adventure that glides along three rivers that offers panoramic views of Mt McKinley.

$145.95 Approximately 3 hours
Ultimate Denali Hike & Flight Take off in a seaplane for a fantastic journey deep into Denali's remote backcountry and fly through the Great Gorge for an awe-inspiring up-close view of Mt. McKinley.

$525.95 Approximately 4 hours
Wilderness Gold Panning Adventure Visit Trapper Creek Museum and take a glimpse of the life of Alaska's pioneers then enjoy a hands-on experience of how to pan for gold in true Alaskan style!

$165.95 Approximately 4 hours
Wilderness Jet Boat Adventure Experience the rivers of Alaska in a technologically advanced environmentally controlled jet boat on the Susitna River and enjoy the splendor of Alaskan beauty and nature.

$85.95 Approximately 2 hours
Copper River Tours
tour name
Copper River Scenic Jet Boat Tour Cruise along one of the most untouched, uninhabited territories in all of Alaska by jet boat. Travel on the the Klutina River and head down to the Copper River world-famous for its annual salmon run.

$139.95 Approximately 2½ hours
Whitewater Jet Boat Adventure Climb aboard a jet boat for an exhilarating Class III whitewater adventure on the Klutina River and travel through the woods of the Chugach Mountains to one of the spawning streams of the world-famous Copper River salmon.

$260.95 Approximately 3½ hours
Salmon Fishing Raft (Full Day) Enjoy a full day of fishing for famous Alaska salmon. This is world-class fishing for King and/or red salmon in the pristine rivers of the Copper Valley.

$369.95 Approximately 10 hours
Salmon Fishing Raft (Half Day) Enjoy a half day of fishing for famous Alaska salmon. This is world-class fishing for King and/or red salmon in the pristine rivers of the Copper Valley.

$249.95 Approximately 6 hours
Scenic ATV Nature Ride Climb in the driver’s seat or just come along for the ride in an ATV for a morning of nature and knobby tires. You'll travel through forests and valleys of the Copper River Basin.

$94.95 Approximately 2 hours
ATV Wilderness Adventure & Hike Climb in the driver’s seat or just come along for the ride in an ATV in the Copper River Valley. This tour offers an up close look at the geology and wildlife of the Klutina River Canyon, a tributary of the Copper River.

$155.95 Approximately 3½ hours
King Salmon Fishing by Jet Boat Enjoy a day fishing for famous Copper River salmon and experience world-class fishing for King and/or red salmon in the rivers of the Copper Valley.

$399.95 Approximately 8-10 hours
Copper Country Discovery Tour Enjoy an afternoon exploring the Copper River Valley with a naturalist guide. This tour gives you the chance to visit with a knowledgeable local, stretch your legs with an easy stroll through the boreal forest to a river gorge, identify seasonal plants and berries, and learn about local wildlife and geology.

$119.95 Approximately 4 hours
Dog Sled Demonstration & Ride Step outside the Cooper River Princess Wilderness Lodge and meet a local musher and his dog sled team. Take an unforgettable ride on a wheel cart through the wilderness.

$35.95 Approximately 20 minutes
Historic Kennicott & Wrangell-St. Elias Flightseeing Adventure Soar over Wrangell-St. Elias National Park for dazzling views of the Chugach, Wrangell and St. Elias mountain ranges and step back in time to explore the frontier town of McCarthy.

$395.95 Approximately 9¾ - 10¾ hours
Kennicott Explorer Step back in time and explore the historic copper mining town of Kennicott then stroll through the frontier town of McCarthy and experience life in the Last Frontier.

$119.95 Approximately 12¾ hours
Prince William Sound Glacier Cruise Journey through Prince William Sound and come face-to-face with the Columbia Glacier—one of the world’s fastest-moving glaciers and the last tidewater glacier in North America.

$205.95 Approximately 13 hours
Scenic Wilderness Rafting Step foot into the Wrangell St. Elias National Park and quietly float on remote sections of the Tazlina and Copper Rivers to view fish wheels used by locals and wildlife.

$99.95 Approximately 3 hours
Valdez Coastal Kayak Adventure Take an exciting kayaking tour through Duck Flats in Prince William Sound near Valdez. Paddle the calm waters while surrounded by the beauty and majesty of the Chugach Mountains.

$164.95 Approximately 7 hours
Wild & Scenic Backcountry Rafting Take a beautiful backcountry gravel road drive along the rim of the Klutina River Canyon with views overlooking the river you’ll be rafting. Then ride 14 miles of this easy Class lll river in a raft professionally maneuvered by a guide with oars for a wild adventure.

$139.95 Approximately 4 hours
Worthington Glacier Hike Take an icy wilderness hike on the ice blue Worthington Glacier and climb up on the glacier for an expansive view of the Chugach Mountains.

$159.95 Approximately 6½ hours
Wrangell-St. Elias Air Panorama Explore the largest national park in the United States by air and witness jagged glaciers, pristine valleys, unique mud volcanoes and hair-raising views of the Chugach, Wrangell and St. Elias mountain ranges.

$249.95 Approximately 2½ hours
Kenai Tours
tour name
Backcountry Adventure Get ready to experience an adventure that takes you back in time during the gold rush days with a float down Kenai River where your gold panning adventure awaits you.

$289.95 Approximately 8½ hours
Explore Cooper Landing Explore and immerse yourself in the beauty and splendor of this historic settlement along the Kenai River for stunning lookouts spots, a friendly log cabin homestead, the local museum and a chance to meet a dog musher.

$55.95 Approximately 3 hours
Explore Historic Seward Journey along Alaska’s only National Scenic Byway and take a trip into the historic town of Seward. A variety of in-town explorations and optional attractions awaits you including the Seward Museum, Alaska Sealife Center, Exit Glacier and more.

$49.95 Approximately 6 hours
Gold Panning with Prospector John Try your hand in gold panning at Prospector John’s Gold Panning store in rustic Cooper Landing to learn the steps of modern and old-time gold panning techniques.

$29.95 Approximately 1½ hours
Kenai Canyon River Rafting Spend a day exploring the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge on a thrilling Class II+ raft trip on the Kenai River and maneuver through the whitewater rapids.

$174.95 Approximately 7 hours
Kenai Fjords National Park Cruise Spend a day cruising the unspoiled wonders of Kenai Fjords National Park. You’ll head out to the open waters of the Gulf of Alaska around Cape Aialik to the face of a tidewater glacier.

$224.95 Approximately 10 hours
Kenai Nature Hike Stretch your legs and fill your senses with the beauty of Kenai on a guided nature hike over fairly level terrain through spruce-filled forest passing mountain creeks and verdant meadows shimmering with wildflowers.

$64.95 Approximately 4½ hours
Kenai River Scenic Float Relax and enjoy a leisurely float on the turquoise waters of the Kenai River and into the heart of the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge. Enjoy the solitude and serenity of this great family tour far from the crowds.

$84.95 Approximately 3 hours
Kenai Upper River Fishing (Half Day) Relax and go fishing on this half day tour in the upper Kenai River—one of the most productive trophy fishing waters in Alaska.

$149.95 Approximately 4½ hours
Kenai Upper River Fishing (Full Day) Relax and go fishing on this full day tour in the upper Kenai River—one of the most productive trophy fishing waters in Alaska.

$284.95 Approximately 8 hours
Whitehorse, Yukon Territory Tours
tour name
Frantic Follies Vaudeville Revue Enjoy an evening of singing, Can-Can dancing, slapstick skits and readings of Robert Service poetry. Just like the Sourdoughs who came in from the creeks, loaded with gold and eager for entertainment, you’re sure to have a rollicking good time!

$24.95 Approximately 2 hours
Miles Canyon Nature Hike Hike along the shores of the impressive Yukon River through beautiful Miles Canyon and learn about Yukon’s natural history.

$45.95 Approximately 2 hours
Whitehorse City Explorer by Bicycle What better way to explore Whitehorse than a ride through town on a bicycle? Bike through fully paved trails through historical and modern gems of Whitehorse.

$45.95 Approximately 1¼ hours
Whitehorse City Tour Enjoy some local flavor and one-of-a-kind sightseeing on this city tour with a visit to the Kwanlin Dun Cultural Center and MacBride Museum and see the history of Whitehorse through the exhibits on display.

$35.95 Approximately 3½ hours
Yukon Wildlife Preserve Start your day off by watching the majestic animals at the Yukon Wildlife Preserve. This tour offers unparalleded wildlife viewing and photo opportunities.

$30.95 Approximately 2½ hours

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