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Awards season in Alaska


Awards season is upon us and we can’t wait to see who’s taking home the big awards this year. As we fill out our Oscars prediction ballots and reflect on our favorite films of the past year, we’re going to dole out some awards of our own. We happen to think that there are some places and spaces in Alaska that are deserving of their own trophies!

Best picture

These are some of the most scenic sights in the state. Locals and tourists alike simply can’t resist the urge to capture them in their art – from paintings to photography, these places always offer a beautiful show.

The nominees:

Denali: Denali is the tallest mountain in North America, and when it peeks out of the clouds, we stop in our tracks, even when we’re more than 100 miles away. Up close, the mountain gives real meaning to the term breathtaking.

Exit Glacier: The network of trails in the Exit Glacier Area of Kenai Fjords National Park lets you get up close to the glacier and witness its massiveness firsthand. Conditions permitting, you can get all the way to the tip of the glacier and see every shade of blue in the dense ice as you listen to it crackle.

Bore tide: While there are bore tides all around the world, in our own backyard is the only bore tide in the far North and the only one surrounded by mountains, viewable almost in its entirety right along the Seward Highway. The Turnagain Arm bore tide is a six- to 10-foot-tall wave traveling up the arm at speeds of 10 to 15 miles per hour.


Best supporting role

Let’s be honest – the nominees for this category are each strong enough to be a main character in their own right, but when they are added to the beautiful landscapes of Alaska, they take the scene to a whole new level.

The nominees:

Wildlife: Just when we think the scene can’t be any more perfect, a moose plods over the marsh, goats climb into our mountain view and an eagle soars across the skyline. Even the bears are deceivingly adorable. The constant possibility of wildlife viewing from the national parks to the busiest highways reminds us how wild Alaska really is.

Vegetation: Every season in Alaska seems more beautiful than the last. From mountains covered in rolling trees bursting with every shade of green in the summer to plains of wildflowers, seas of purple fireweed and the blanket of yellow and gold in fall, the vegetation in Alaska adds an incredible touch to the landscape. Even in winter, the evergreens give an extra pop of color to the setting.

Northern lights: When the winter skies are clear and the stars are countless, the dancing lights are what make the scene unforgettable. We all remember the first time we experienced skies filled with a green and purple tango in the night.


Best live action

The nominees for the next category offer some of the best, most exiting adventures in the state. Here are your nominees for best live action for all you adrenaline junkies.

Mount Alyeska: About 76 “steep and deep” named trails on Mount Alyeska are just what we need to satisfy our adrenaline fix. From groomed runs for beginners to the longest continuous double black diamond run in North America, this mountain has it all. The fun doesn’t quit during the summer months – lift-access downhill biking is a main attraction when the snow melts.

White-water rafting: A surplus of glaciers means a surplus of rivers and streams with extreme rapids. Experienced guides are waiting all over the state to give you the ride of your life.

Fishing: Whether you’re trying your hand fishing a world-class river with a fly or your bait is down near the ocean floor, there’s nothing like the feeling of hooking a big one and bringing it in. Reeling up a fish never fails to get our hearts racing.

Best of luck to the nominees on Sunday night, and remember that we’re all winners when it comes to the Last Frontier.

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