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What’s Your Alaska Spirit Animal

Alaska is home to amazing wildlife, and seeing these animals up close is often near the top of every vacationer’s bucket list. But what animal do you connect with on a deeper level? Take this short quiz to find out which furry, feathered or finned creature is your Alaska spirit animal.

1) On a hike, which snack do you like to tuck away in your backpack?

a. Salmon jerky

b. Trail mix

c. I prefer large meals to snacks

d. I’ll probably just catch some fish along the way

2) How many hours of sleep do you like to get?

a. Ideally about seven months at once

b. I’ll sleep all night, as long as I’m cozy and safe

c. I don’t know, I’ve never been a very deep sleeper

d. It depends, but I’ll sleep standing up if I have to

3) What’s your favorite movie?

a. Paddington Bear

b. The Nut Job

c. Free Willy

d. The Birds

4) What’s your favorite season?

a. Summer, I love having a lot of energy

b. Fall, the trees are best for climbing once the leaves start falling

c. Winter, that’s when I get to go to a warmer climate

d. Spring, when the rivers and lakes start melting

5) It’s Friday night, what are you doing?

a. Spending a quiet evening with the family

b. Organizing and decorating the house, one of my favorite activities

c. Out with friends, for sure

d. Probably flying solo

6) What sounds like the perfect day during your Alaska vacation?

a. A long hike with the whole family followed by a giant salmon dinner

b. A wilderness adventure with my significant other

c. A day of sightseeing out on the water with a large, talkative tour group

d. Tandem paragliding


Mostly a’s

You’re a black bear!

You’re family-oriented and curious and you definitely value your leisure time.

Mostly b’s

You’re a red squirrel!

You’re a solitary creature, but you love spending time with that special someone.

Mostly c’s

You’re an orca!

You’re social, fun-loving and willing to tackle any challenge head-on.

Mostly d’s

You’re a bald eagle!

You’re fierce and fearless, and always in control.

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