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5 Alaska waterfalls to take your breath away

Snow, mountains and wildlife – the usual Alaska sights. While we agree those are all spectacular, there is another sight that’s bound to take your breath away in the Last Frontier: waterfalls! Whether you’re Alaska-born or planning a trip to the 49th state for the very first time, here are five beauties worth working into your summer itinerary – all within a short driving distance from Anchorage. Many Gray Line Alaska tours include some free time in Anchorage; feel free to schedule a drive to one of these falls in your down time!

Thunderbird Falls
Grab the family and head north to Thunderbird Falls. The scenic 30-minute drive will bring you to this waterfall located near Chugiak. Once you park, a short trail will lead you to a perfect vantage point where you’ll see water crashing down the nearly two-mile-long waterfall. There will be plenty of places along the trail to capture that Kodak moment with your family

South Fork Eagle River Falls
This waterfall is one of Alaska’s best-kept secrets – also about a 30-minute car ride from Anchorage. The trail to the South Fork Eagle River Falls is just under a mile long. The trail is known to get muddy during the summer months so pack your rain boots, but it is easily accessible for all skill levels.

Winner Creek Falls
Crashing down from 10 feet ­– this small but mighty waterfall in Girdwood is totally worth seeing, especially if you’re a thrill-seeker. To get to it, you’ll take a quick hike and hand tram, which uses a pulley system, to cross the raging river below. You’ll see what looks like a big fall flowing in two directions.

Virgin Creek Falls (pictured)
Framed by moss-covered rocks and vibrant green trees, watch as the water fountains out the mountain into the stream below, you’ll feel like you’re on set of a Jim Henson live-action movie from the ‘80s. Located about 45 minutes from Anchorage, this view will be one to remember so make sure your phone or camera is fully charged.

Blackstone Falls
Saving one of the best for last – the sights and sounds of Blackstone Falls located in Whittier will have you talking for years to come. This waterfall plunges out of Blackstone Glacier from 500 feet above. The best way to see this is by taking one of the day cruises offered in Whittier.  If you get close enough, you can hear the ice from the glacier creaking.

These are just five reasons to get your head above water and visit Alaska. If you’re interested in booking a trip to the Last Frontier, learn about our Rail Tours and Vacation Packages to find the best tour for you.

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