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Christopher McCandless’ Trek Into The Wild

Alaska Odyssey

Christopher McCandless attempted something we all want to do sometimes – leave daily stresses behind and find solitude in nature. Unfortunately for McCandless, his solo vacation ended in tragedy, but his relatable and touching story has been told over and over, both in print and on film.

After leaving his Georgia home and living on the road for two years, McCandless made his final journey north to Alaska, where he survived for four months by foraging plants and hunting wild game.

But what McCandless came to realize after months in solitude was that he didn’t actually want to be alone. He knew that his friends and supportive family members nourished his soul, and he tried to go home. By then, however, it was too late. A river he had crossed during his hike into the wilderness had a much higher water level due to glacial runoff and was now impassable. McCandless felt trapped, and he eventually met his end by accidentally eating poisonous seeds.

Although this story ends sadly, the lesson is endearing: do what you’re passionate about, and share it with people you care about. To honor McCandless and celebrate his honest humanity, we created a short timeline of his season lived in the Alaska wilderness. Scroll through and discover McCandless’ successes and failures during his final months in the wilds of Alaska.


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