Hotels in Alaska

Hotels in Alaska

We are confident you will enjoy touring Alaska and will be amazed by its beauty and friendly people. However, some hotels in certain locations where you will be staying may not be what you expect or are used to. Alaska is still a fairly remote location and many hotel rooms are not equipped with amenities such as telephones, televisions, clocks, or radios. While all the hotels we use are clean and comfortable, do not expect the same kind of accommodations you would find in the lower 48. We cannot guarantee specific types of rooms – for example, a room with a queen or king size bed. Most Alaska hotels have limited bedding choices. Triple rooms, when available, may contain either two beds and a rollaway or one double and one single. This may require guests to share a bed. We cannot confirm or guarantee a smoking or nonsmoking room. We will be happy to pass along all special requests to the hotel (on a request basis), if we are notified at least 30 days prior to departure. Although it does not happen frequently, we must reserve the right to make changes in the accommodations during the course of the tour.


Following is a sample of accommodations for your Alaska tour package. Hotels are assigned at time of documentation. Specific hotel requests are not allowed.

Please be advised that a credit or debit card is required for all non-included purchases made at Princess Wilderness Lodges and Westmark Hotels.  Cash is not accepted for items such as meals, drinks, retail goods, and optional tours. However, we recommend having cash on hand for optional gratuities.

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